Partners for Archaeological Site Stewardship

site stewards at rock art site

About Us

Heritage resources include all types of archaeological and historical sites. They are material remains that give us information about the past; for some time periods and events, they are the only facts that we have. Whether they are found on public or private lands, heritage resources provide wonder, and stimulate questions. When these sites are damaged, we lose information about why things happened the way they did.

Site stewardship programs protect heritage resources by engaging members of the public to regularly visit and report on assigned sites, under the supervision of archaeologists who work for the landowner or responsible agency.

Partners for Archaeological Site Stewardship supports site stewardship programs in all parts of the country. We also administer the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program (CASSP), which began in 1999. The photo above shows volunteer site stewards at their field training in central California. You can find more information about CASSP at its website.

You can contact our Executive Director, Beth Padon, by mail at PO Box 7577, Long Beach, CA 90807, or by e-mail at <>, or by calling (562) 453-8984. Partners for Archaeological Site Stewardship is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 organization.